Over the years, commercial real estate blogging has become a vital tool in the industry. These blogs give readers knowledge on real estate news and the latest trends. From independent bloggers to company blogs, each provides their expert knowledge and ideas within the commercial real estate industry for their readers:


The Tenant Advisor

As a commercial real estate professional in Houston, Coy Davidson started his independent blog to provide readers with brilliant industry insight and real estate advice. Davidson offers tenant advice, gives an outlook on corporate and healthcare real estate, and shares success stories from in the market. Look to Davidson’s blog for all the latest on market trends and outlooks on commercial real estate.

A Student of the Real Estate Game

If you’re thinking about starting a career in the real estate business, Joe Stampone’s blog is the right read for you. This blog gives those looking for a career in the industry the tips and expert knowledge they need to get started. By sharing from his own experience, he shows his readers how to be successful in the real estate industry.

Jon Schultz

With his knowledge of real estate and the latest technology, Jon Schultz began a personal blog to help other prospective entrepreneurs. Much of its content focuses on tech and how to run a successful business. For guidance on leadership, the ins and outs of commercial real estate, and how to utilize the latest in technology, check out Schulz’s blog.

Duke Long

Duke Long is a broker and the owner of Duke Long Agency. He uses his personal blog to post podcasts and webinars to share his real and unedited advice on commercial real estate. As one of the most influential voices of commercial real estate, he offers some of the best advice in the industry. His discussion range from how to get started in the business to the latest real estate market trends.

CRE Outsider

Another commercial real estate blog with a focus on technology is CRE Outsider. Developed by consultant Chris Clark, this blog gives insight into the commercial real estate market, guidance sales and marketing, and discusses the latest technology. This blog helps readers build their social media platform and utilize tech in the industry.

Calculated Risk

This blog is all about the money. Bill McBride gives his readers economic knowledge and financial advice about commercial real estate. With the latest in the economic development of the real estate market, McBride gives investment advice and tip on how to be successful in the industry. As a go-to site for a breakdown of the market, readers will gain a better understanding of the economics of real estate.

Bo Barron

As a real estate speaker and professional consultant, those looking into beginning their own startup will have a lot to read about. Barron interacts with his readers to give advice from his own experiences and knowledge. Once a week he posts a blog with a focus on entrepreneurship and inspiration to start your own business.

CBRE Blueprint

This online magazine is a company blog that outlines global trends and discussions about commercial real estate. As a global business community, Blueprint offers blogs from an array of writers with an expertise in the commercial real estate industry. From business ideas to the impact of industry professionals, this blog offers readers new insight and perspective on commercial real estate.

JLL Real Views

This company blog is a newly launched publication from JLL. The blog discusses topics in architecture, workplace, and urbanization in the commercial real estate industry all around the world. Real Views discusses all the latest trends, a variety a real estate industries, economic development, and videos showing the best places to live around the world. There is no shortage of topic to engage all kinds of readers and audiences.  

Commercial Observer

Mostly aimed towards commercial real estate professionals, this blog keeps readers updated on the latest news, trends, and events happening in the industry. Articles focus on a huge range of real estate topics. Readers are given information and guidance on different types of leases, finance, sales, technology, and design and construction. With so many topics and articles to choose from, many readers will find all their questions about commercial real estate are answered in the Commercial Observer.