After years of growth and development, a successful business will always come to this point. A point when the office is lacking elbow room, comfortable places to sit, and most importantly, space. It’s around this time that your business needs to expand their office space. But how do you know when it’s time to make the big move? Below are a few signs telling you it’s time to expand:

There’s no elbow room

When workstations are cramped with no elbow room, let alone room for their computers, it’s time to consider expanding. Employees need to feel comfortable where they work. If workstations are crowded, then there’s more than likely going to be issues with distractions. From talking on the phone to leisure conversations with fellow co-workers, their neighbors don’t need to be distracted while they’re trying to get their work done. Employees need their space to stay focused and work productively.

Rooms take on a new role

Another obvious sign is when rooms that are meant for meetings and conferences are turning into an “office”. If the overflow of employees puts them in a room not meant to be an office, this is only a short-term solution to a growing issue. As the number of employees grows, even the new office space in the conference room will become just as cramped. This goes the same for the break room. If the lunch space that was meant for employees to sit down and enjoy their meal has now become a standing room only situation, it’s time to take expansion more seriously.

Your business has increasing demands

When you’re business is doing well, growth is inevitable. You have to meet new demands and acquire more resources. This means hiring new employees or getting new equipment. It’s imperative to accommodate these demands. A small space will set limitations of how much you can grow and prevent you from adding the necessary resources. If you’re in need of these new resources, chances are you have enough to spend on expanding your office space. To cut costs, simply expand to the office above or below your current one if space is available. If you have the means, move to a new and bigger location entirely.

While taking a look at your office space you see file cabinets on the brink of overflowing, the mailroom completely swamped, or the hallways have taken on the new role of storage, it’s time to make the big move. Leaving may seem like a huge change and a little scary at first, but it marks growth for your business.