Netflix has amassed over one million square feet over the next two years. The company already has a strong footprint in Los Angeles. It is now transitioning into prime leases that will last through 2031.

New properties are listed below for Kilroy Realty Corporation and Hudson Pacific Properties:
Academy on Vine – 355,000 square feet
EPIC – 327,913 square feet
ICON – 325,757 square feet
CUE – 91,953 square feet
David Wells is CFO of Netflix. He explains that Netflix’s expansion efforts will be deepening the company’s connection to the communities in and around Los Angeles. As one might expect, the neighborhood of Hollywood is key to Netflix’s new office space. In fact, the Kilroy Realty Corporation announced that Netflix has rented all of its Academy on the Vine project. This amounts to more than 350,000 square feet and comprised three buildings.

Netflix’s office space with Hudson Pacific Properties totals well over 700,000 square feet. It has held a lease for a 14-story building at ICON since 2015, but only recently (February 2017) moved in. Early last year, Netflix signed a lease for a five-story office building at CUE. Of the Hudson Pacific locations, Netflix now leases, the EPIC project is the jewel. EPIC adds a large 13-story office building at a prime location on Sunset Blvd. The EPIC location is a lease for full occupancy. The new project boasts windows that extend from the floor to the ceiling. The transparent feature compliments over 25,000 square feet of outdoor space for the company to use at its discretion. Amenities include exterior terraces, collaboration areas, a catered pantry on the rooftop deck, and even fire pits.

Victor Coleman is the chairman and CEO of Hudson Pacific Properties. He recognizes the EPIC project as an essential step for Netflix’s next phase in its expansion and the historic growth of one of the world’s most innovative technology company. Coleman describes the potential for Netflix at EPIC as a place to be more creative and support the company’s unique business culture. EPIC is an important location because it is within walking distance to the LA Metro Red Line. At EPIC, Netflix will be more accessible for employees and business partners.