Workspaces are going through a transformation and with more millennials joining the workforce, that change is not coming to a halt any time soon. Their work styles are different and are driven by technology and updated layouts. Baby Boomers were content in the cubicles and dial-up computers, but now Millenials are replacing many common office trends.


Companies look at collaboration as key. Floor plans are becoming more open to evoke an environment for innovation and creativity. It gives the opportunity to collaborate with others around you. Collaboration comes from a balance of open workspaces, focus rooms, team areas, and private offices. With such open space, you can ask many team members for a solution and it also gives the opportunity to hear more ideas on how to solve a problem.


The technological world is constantly changing. For your business to keep up with the technology, it needs to integrate the technology needed. More outlets and charging ports will be needed since many employees not only have one computer but two. Having updated technology can also help with communication not only within the company but also to the customers. You no longer need the private offices to make a phone call since calls can be made from individual computers.

Flexible Workspace:

As the technology improves, most of the work done will be on computers, phones, or tablets. Giving the employees the opportunity to move around the office, instead of sitting at their desk all day can improve the productivity. This also gives the employees the option to be able to work at home, if needed. As mentioned above, with technology changing, multiple employees can be added to an in-office meeting when they are working from home and communicate easily with the people in office.


Along with technology, millennials have brought a concern of well-being along with them. Many focused on fitness and health-conscious activities, look for these properties in a company. Having sit-stand desks, natural light, plants, and offering wellness programs can boost the health and wellness of your employees. Creating a healthier atmosphere will provide improved health amongst employees which will decrease the sick days and productivity loss when an employee has to take off.